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Website Updates:

26/10/2022 Member database up to date!
25/10/2022 Updating the website! Work on homepage done
15/06/2022 Event updated! Sorry for the long wait!!
14/06/2022 Member database updated
22/05/2022 Members added to member database :3
16/05/2022 BIG HOMEPAGE UPDATE!!! I hope you like the new look of it! Member database and activity entries updated as well!
10/05/2022 ICONS ADDED toooo lazy to keep updates up to... Date.. Giggle.....
06/05/2022 Several more Icons added! Member database updated to include members who left and the two new NPCs!
02/05/2022 12 Icons added, Submission in the activities tag, Beach day event page entries added (through highlight) postbanner17
29/04/2022 Event link added, together with a fun beach day event! It is getting warmer these days after all.
28/04/2022 About link is active now! If you are confused about anything, it is explained very quick and simple in there! 9 More Icons added.
27/04/2022 Activity page added! I hope to add more to it sooner or later, also yes I actually own the email! :3
26/04/2022 Members link active!! Coded for maybe 5 hours straight for it sniffle... It has all members and their accounts!!!
25/04/2022 HOME PAGE UPDATE!!! Navigation bar CODED!!!! Should've seen me back on the 21st attempting that. Added a "LINKS" link to credit the images I use that don't link back to their original sources!! Anime Friend Co. logo updated as well postbanner25
21/04/2022 CREATION OF THE WEBSITE!!! The images that aren't my own are linked. :)